Product Development Process

I. Customer's Objectives  

  • The first step in a relationship with us is to execute a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and discuss your idea so we gain a full understanding of your new product or machine idea and specifications.   

II. Engineering Proposal

  •  We will review all the information gathered from the initial discussion and generate a proposal. The proposal will be specific to your project and outlined by phases clearly showing the requirement to transition your project from one phase to another. 

III. Brainstorm Conceptual Design  

  • We will brainstorm conceptual designs with you analyzing your product or machine details form, fit, and function. Together we will develop an innovative design, solve difficult design problems, and discuss ergonomics and esthetics.
  • The design will be kept as simple as possible while maintaining your design requirements and objectives. Manufacturing processes will be addressed to ensure the product or machine is designed for manufacturability and can be cost effectively produced.
IV. Engineering Design  
  • The brainstormed conceptual design solution is engineered using 3D modeling design software. This 3D Modeling format enables us to analyze the product in great detail and make quick modifications to the design as needed through the product development process. 3D Modeling eliminates the cost of several design iteration physical mock-ups reducing product development time and cost.
V.  Digital Prototyping

We optimize the design using Simulation software. For more info on Digital Prototyping,  

VI. Documentation Package  
  • A complete documentation package includes (but not limited to) 3D CAD files, detailed dimensioned drawings, schematics, bill of materials (BOM), assembly drawings and procedures, and any beneficial product development support data.
Whether you are a large company, a small company, or an inventor with an idea, let us assist you through the design and development process. Our success is based upon your success. Give us a call or fill out our information request form for more information. Let us help turn your idea into a reality.