Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Digital Prototyping Services


An engineer's purpose, after an initial design, is to optimise the performance of the product. In most cases, the product is a combination of various components, sometimes even thousands. It is the engineer's goal to analyze the combined effect of every single part. It is not uncommon to see a mechanism coupled with a hydraulic system at one end, and an electric motor at another while including various vibratory and damping components throughout. The conventional, and very costly, method of testing a product is to build physical prototypes and test each one after every modification. Hence, there is a limited amount of physical prototypes that a developmental budget can allow and the client must sacrifice the quality of the product. Digital prototyping is the process of implementing an accurate initial CAD model and using it throughout various simulations until its design is perfected. We can test a product a multitude of times for the price of a single physical piece and test it among numerous conditions unavailable to most production facilities. In addition, we also provide the client with the complete developmental process including every alteration from the conceptual design through to the final, ready-for-market product.

By fully understanding the environment in which the product will operate (i.e. shock, vibrations, moisture, temperature variations, etc.), performance specifications can be established. We can help evaluate what requirements need to be met (i.e. strength, load, fatigue, etc.) to attain a suitable safety factor. The digital simulations available include, but aren't limited to:

Finite Element Analysis
Mechanism Analysis
Dynamic Analysis
Design Optimization
Vibration Analysis
Durability and Fatique Analysis
Crash Analysis